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Magento development:

Magento is an ecommerce platform built on open source technology which provides online merchants with a flexible shopping cart system, as well as control over the look, content and functionality of their online store. Magento offers powerful marketing, search engine optimization, and catalog-management tools.It is an open-source PHP and MySQL platform with one of the most robust and complex backbone, highly customizable, easy to learn and user-friendly to manage. It’s a very feature rich platform and sets the standards for others to follow extremely high. Magento can be extended beyond its wide feature set.

Magento is fast emerging ecommerce script, an open source CMS that uses MySQL and Zend PHP databases. A feature rich platform it gives the online merchants the leverage to control the look, content as well as functionality of the ecommerce site they own. It is a highly SEO-friendly content management system. It comes preloaded with various SEO features such as search engine friendly URLs, sitemaps, layered navigation, URL rewrites, meta tags, descriptions etc.

Consumer behavior is changing every day. Today’s bleeding edge innovation will be tomorrow’s table stakes. Magento gives you the flexibility to customize and extend your platform to create unique, differentiated branded experiences. Adapt fast, and stay ahead of changing customer buying patterns.Open source CMS is very much essential in today’s competitive world because the owners can have control over the quality and security they are offering on the site and thereby reduce the costs too. This is indeed a platform that unfurls a lot of innovativeness for the online merchant along with increasing the scalability and agility with which things can be accomplished.

Magento open source CMS platform offers increased control in terms of merchandising to promotion and much more, an increased return on investment which leads to increased growth. There are various editions available in Magento and so you could opt for the one that best fits your requirements. With this system not only will your customer service be elevated but your order management too gets extremely easy.

If yours is an ecommerce store, then it should cater to a wide audience that covers international clients too. Magneto features allow for the same through the international support it offers the online merchants through multilingual options and support for multiple currencies. Being accessible through various browsers is highly essential so as not to miss out on potential clients. Magento is iPhone optimized and so one need not be apprehensive that they would miss out on clients who are always on the move.

With Magento one could make use of numerous promotional tools for their business, through flexible coupons with the ability to restrict the same to customer groups, stores, time periods, categories and products. Magento is indeed an ultimate e-commerce solution for incredible growth!
Since it’s an open source solution, there’s a large community of developers around the world working on it on a day to day basis, ensuring the ecommerce platform is up to date, secure & fast. Help is readily available.With one backend CMS, Magento allows you to create multiple online stores.

You can control all of your inventory, billing tasks, customer records etc. from a single admin dashboard.

Some of the features and reasons why Magento is one of our top picks:

Robust Platform

Because Magento offers an Enterprise version of their software, most if not all the features end up in their Community Edition, thus giving you an enterprise level platform, constantly up-to-date with security and out-of-the-box enhancements.


The interface on both front-end and back-end are intuitive and familiar to you and your customers. While Magento is complex, it is not complicated, thus giving your clients a rich shopping experience.

Multiple Store and Catalog Management

One of the great features of Magento is the fact that it can seamlessly run multiple stores from the same back-end, making it easy to sell items in multiple stores (even with different domain names) but keeping your inventory in sync, managing invoices, shipping details, and payments under the same “roof”.


an online store helps you reach a broader audience, and Magento makes it so much easier because it handles any currency with automatic daily exchange rate updates, multiple language support (translations available for both front-end and back-end in pretty much any language) which can be triggered even by user IP address, thus giving your customers a tailored experience.

Out-of-the-Box Functionality

From the moment you install Magento, you have the ability to choose popular shipping methods such as UPS, FedEx, or USPS (giving you the ability to print labels and have up to date shipping rates pulled from their respective websites) and payment methods, e.g. PayPal, Authorize.net, Cash on Delivery, or Credit Cards.


You probably use a separate invoicing, inventory, or sales software. While you might consider Magento’s platform as a good substitute, you can also easily integrate its database with software such as SalesForce or QuickBooks with modules found in the marketplace.

Extensible – Large Marketplace

Beyond the out-of-the-box features, you have access to a market of free and paid modules which can extend the functionality of Magento to suit your needs such as different shipping, payment, invoicing methods or marketing plugins to promote your products and content in a more dynamic way.

Look and Feel

Magento’s basic theme is pretty slick, but you have plenty of options for implementing themes for both desktop and mobile and the ability to change the design based on page, product type, season or holiday. You can find themes online, free or paid.